Receive A Letter

As we all know, it has been a rough year and a half for the entire world. With the pandemic and social distancing, many of us are feeling more lonely, isolated and craving connection.

Us Redheads naturally have an unspoken bond. When Redheads meet, there is always an exchange of a knowing glance, it really is like being in a secret club.

After all, only 2% of the world are Redheads!

That is why we wanted to create something special within our Redhead Secret Club!

With the October box, everyone, who wishes to participate, can receive a letter from a fellow Redhead Secret Club member! The goal is to send a positive, encouraging letter to a fellow Redhead, to bring a smile to their face!

What to write?

Start the letter with:

“Dear Redhead,

Although I can assure you I don’t know you, I thought that maybe you could use a letter to brighten your day. "

And continue with sending positive vibes, words of encouragement, appreciation.


In order to participate, you need to:

    1. be a Redhead Secret Club box subscriber

    2. write a letter, and email it to by 25th of September

    3. wait for your box which ships on 8th of October, and read your letter written by a fellow subscriber!

We hope you enjoy this experience and get to connect with your Redhead Secret Club members on a new level!