Giveaway winners

Aaaaannnnddd *drumrolls* our WINNERS are here!!


We're are sending the biggest THANK YOU to all of our dear Redheads who decided to join our giveaway!

As much as we would love nothing more than to be able to gift every each and
one of you, there is only one winner of the ONE YEAR FREE SUBSCRIPTION
and the winner is : 


But, since the interest has been so overwhelmingly positive,
we have decided to give away one FREE MONTHLY BOX as well,
and the lucky winner is:


We have emailed the lucky winners, and the winners have 72 hours
to respond and confirm. If they do not confirm their prize in that time frame,
we will have to choose new winners since the boxes have to be
shipped out by the 8th!

Once again, we thank each one of you who decided to join our giveaway,
this will not be the last one!
There were be more chances to win prizes in the future <3


your Redhead Secret Club team