About Us

We have started our Facebook page Redhead Secret Club in December 2014, hoping we would be able to make a difference in at least one Redheads life; maybe a teenage girl who is feeling insecure due to her friends teasing her, or an adult who never quite managed to accept the beauty of their MC1R gene. We never dreamed we'd grow to a community of more than 260k beautiful Redheads.

In February 2021, we've decided to step our game up by starting the Redhead Secret Club subscription box. Our monthly subscription box is here to celebrate Redheads and our unique beauty. We strive to empower Redheads to love everything that makes us different, every fiery red hair strand, every freckle, our beautiful porcelain skin. We are here to celebrate YOU.

Join us and celebrate our beauty every month with 5-8 items for Redheads, ranging from makeup and skincare, to beauty tools, hair accessories and even apparel! Each box has a $79-$179 value per box!