A Look Inside The Redhead Secret Club’s First-Ever Subscription Box

March 18 2021 – PageFly

A Look Inside The Redhead Secret Club’s First-Ever Subscription Box

A Look Inside The Redhead Secret Club’s First-Ever Subscription Box

Attention all Redhead beauties!

The Redhead Secret Club just dropped their first subscription box and it is
a must see!

What is Redhead's Secret Subscription Box?

The Redhead Secret Club is a monthly subscription box that delivers a range of
beauty products, accessories and apparel on a monthly basis. 

The box comes packed with unique products, all personally handpicked by the
club’s team. This lovely March box included the following:

“Being Ginger” Comic Book

Katherine Hemminds Neing Ginger book made for redheads featured in the redhead secret club subscription box

The subscription box includes a comic
book by Katherine Hemmings titled Being
. This book takes a humorous spin
on all the crazy experiences and
encounters Redheads have. After being
tired of the fact that people don’t
understand why she packs a bottle of
factor 50+ suncream into every bag she
owns, even an emergency bottle in her
car, she decided to write a book to make
people understand, and of course, for
our fellow gingers to relate to. 😊 Even
though she has been bullied for her gorgeous locks as a child, she has find a
way to turn that pain into something positive! If you could relate to the
stories shared by Katherine, make sure you give her a follow on social
media- @khemmings94, and check her website
- www.katherinehemmings.co.uk
. (retail price - $14) 


A Beautiful Makeup Bag


all things are possible with red hair coffee and mascara makeup bag for redheads

A makeup bag with the tagline “All Things
are Possible with Red hair, Coffee and
Mascara” comes packed in the box. The
bag is made from premium fabric and is
handy to store all your makeup and skincare
belongings. However, the main role of it is to
remind you daily that ALL THINGS ARE
POSSIBLE FOR YOU! Nothing can stop a
determined Redhead! Our MC1R gene has
always been giving us that extra strength to
deal with difficulties! - (retail price - $19.95)


Soap For Redheads

soap hand made for redheads smells like sunscreen SPF gingernaps

This unique hand-made soap was created
by Carolyn Rey, who was inspired by her
dear Redhead sister, and it is sure to
you smell like a scrumptious gingersnap
cookie you are! (well, not actually scented
like gingersnaps, sunscreen, or confidence,
as stated on label 🤪)
 But, it has an amazing
wildflower scent, and it is sure to bring a
smile to the favourite Redhead in your life,
as it makes a great gift!

Want to make it extra special with a note?
No problem, just ask lovely Carolyn, and she will be sure to do so while treating
you with 25% off all orders in March & April with the code
 Make sure to check her store here, and treat yourself or your
loved ones! 

The Lashout Lashes

premium quality lashout false lashes featur4ed in the redhead secret club monthly beauty subscription box

The only thing that could catch more
attention than our fiery locks are our divine
eyes! And what a better way to accentuate
them than with a pair of show-stopping
Lashout falsies! Lashout's motto is NO
gene could not agree more! Lashout is
gifting you with an amazing deal - use code
LASHOUT for buy 2 get 1 free!
 Grab yours
while available
at www.lashoutbeautyhub.com  - (retail
price - $23)



Glow Pure Radiance Oil


orgamix face oil featured in the redhead secret club monthly beauty subscription box made for redheads, vegan and cruelty free

This full size cruelty free and vegan radiance
oil by Orglamix is designed to soothe your
dry skin and make it glow. It is chock-full of
vitamin C and antioxidants derived from
natural sources. With regular use, this oil will
eliminate any dullness and unevenness from
your skin to uncover the true porcelain
skinned goddess you actually are. It helps
fight the signs of aging, contains omega 3,
6, and 9 for collagen support and supports
cell renewal.

p.s. Makeup tip: mix one drop of oil into your foundation for a subtle all-day glow
and hydrating boost of antioxidants, or use as a primer before makeup! - retail
price - $32



 Face Mask

redheads are sunshine mixes with a little hurricane facemask

With the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, The
Redhead Secret Club also adds a face mask
to the mix to keep you protected during
these challenging times. The mask comes
with a fair warning printed at the front
saying, “Redheads Are Sunshine Mixed With
A Little Hurricane.
” We light up and warm up
so many lives around us! But, you do not
want to mess with a Redhead, and wake up
that hurricane! So, be nice to Redheads :) -
(retail price - $15.95) 


Spongelle’s Boxed Heart

spongelle featured in the redhead secret club subscription box

Extra gift for our dear subscribers who
chose the 12 month plan! This vegan
friendly, cruelty free Spongellé’s heart
shaped dual-sided buffer is enriched with a
skin softening formula and a blend of toning
botanical extracts. The scent of carnelian
rose will linger as you cleanse, exfoliate,
massage and nourish!
- (retail price - $18)   




A Bonus Item for Birthday Queens

For all you Redhead queens celebrating their birthday this month, The Redhead
Secret Club added a little something extra to your subscription box. You got a
bonus dreamy mineral eye shadow by Orglamix.

What Makes Redhead Subscription Box a Unique Pick?

There are a lot of perks of joining a subscription box that is meant exclusively for
our beautiful MC1R ladies:

  • Value for money: The box comes with premium products worth anywhere
    from $79 to $249 each. But, you can get all these high-value items for less,
    starting at $45.95 a month.

  • Customised plans: You get to choose between one, three, six, and twelve
    month subscription plans. The longer you commit, the bigger the discount
    on your subscription fee per month.

  • Variety: Now you can get your hands on a myriad of beauty and skincare
    products.  The box offers it all with a special reward.

  • Beauty at Your Doorstep: Every month, you receive amazing items to try out
    but without the fuss of having to go out of the house. 


Want your own unique subscription box?  Join The Redhead Secret Club today!

Though they’re all sold out for March, you can sign-up to get the next subscription
box coming out in April. Embrace and celebrate your uniqueness!

redhead secret club monthly beauty subscription box march


redhead secret club monthly beauty subscription box march